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I'm going to work abroad

I'm not moving far away from Norway, like Indonesia or anything like that, I'm going to work in Denmark. Moving abroad (even if it's only to Denmark) is different from going on holiday for a couple of weeks.

When you make a permanent move and are going to settle in a country, there is a lot to keep track of. You need to have an account in a bank located in the country so you can pay the bills and receive your salary. You need a telephone subscription that is linked to the country you are in. You need a place to stay and it's not just to go out and get a lease on an apartment when you come from another country.

You need to get a lot of paperwork to government agencies and other organizations so that you are ”in the system” so to speak. Then you have to move certain parts of the household from one country to another, which is also something to think about.

In other words, there are a thousand and one things to keep track of when moving abroad.

My employer has a collaboration with Alfa Moving that offers relocation and services related to relocation. They will take care of all the practicalities and make sure I get help with all the things I listed before.

It feels good to know that someone will take care of it because i´m not sure if I had solved all that myself. Or, I think I would have, but it would have taken a lot of time and effort to figure all this out myself.

Now that the my relocation has been solved and I will get help with all the practicalities, my biggest problem is probably the language. Danish is not exactly easy to understand so it is fortunate that they speak English because otherwise I would probably have had a hard time understanding what they are saying and making myself understood.

Getting help woth relocation